Video and conference call

A training that was deisgned for anyone who has to communicate in English on the phone in a professional context.


Communication & Negotiation

This training is for anyone who needs to negotiate in English with a client, a supplier, a partner ...


Presentation and animation of international meetings

This training is for anyone who needs to give presentations in English in a professional context.


Writing emails and reporting

Our training is for anyone who has to send emails in English in a professional context.

English for Specific Purposes

BKHS provides a specific training that can be held in your company or in our center, these courses allow a perfect adaptation to the language needs of each learner according to the professional context in which it evolves. The BKHS training will give you the vocabulary and terminology specific to the English of your profession.


English for Management

The course is designed to develop the communicative performance of professionals working in project management in an international context. It also intended to enable them to use specialist professional terminology with appropriateness of linguistic context and style. The course provides substantial practice opportunities which include: meetings, videoconferencing, negotiations, professional presentation skills and dealing with numerical data.


English for Human Resources

This course provides HR professionals with the key English language skills they need in human resources and labour law. It includes practice in language appropriate for interviewing applicants for jobs, conducting appraisal interviews, participating in discussions on HR issues, travelling abroad for fact-finding visits and to conferences, receiving visitors, socialising, Formal and informal contexts are included.


English for Banking & Finance

These courses have been designed for people either actively engaged in the Banking and Financial Sectors. The course focuses on two core competences: language knowledge and communication skills. The language knowledge component helps participants to develop both the specialist and the non-specialist language to be accurate in a range of contexts; the communication skills component helps participants to become more effective in professional situations.


English for Legal Professions

The course is designed to develop participants' language and communication skills in a range of legal contexts. The course focuses on active speaking and writing skills and communication strategies. The key language and skills you will learn in the course include: legal vocabulary expansion, giving presentations, effective communication skills for meetings and negotiations, effective participation in discussions, written communication including email, reports, formal letters and contract clauses and effective telephoning skills.


English for IT Professionals

All our courses are customized and tailored to our clients’ needs.
The focus is on real English as it is spoken in an international job environment. This course is designed to make even the most reluctant communicator communicate more effectively in English!


English for Purchasing

You are responsible for purchasing and you have to negotiate and collaborate in English with several services. BKHS will provide you with the English language training which will facilitate your exchanges with your partners.


English for PA's & Secretaries

This course provides language practice activities in a wide range of communication skills, including telephone techniques, dealing with visitors and difficult clients, managing aspects of written communication, as well as general business vocabulary.


English For Commerce

This training is for sales people, marketing managers, project managers or anyone who has to negotiate or is responsible for selling and who works internationally.


English for Insurance Professionals

The course is designed to develop participants' language and communication skills in a professional context. The course focuses on active speaking and writing skills and communication strategies. Topic areas may include: types of insurance, risk and hazard, liability, proposals and policies, risk assessment, claims and claims handling


English for Logistics Professionals

Clear communication is essential to doing this type of work successfully. To make a good impression in the workplace, you need to know the right words and concepts and be able to apply them as required. BKHS can help you achieve your goals.


English for Export Professionals

The course is designed to develop the communicative performance of senior export operations and sales staff in their dealings with clients, importers abroad, suppliers of logistics services and other contacts and relationships in the export management field


English for Tourism Professionals

English skills are crucial for those working within the tourism and hospitality business, not only for day to day tasks but also for career progression. This training is skills based, and designed to give you a better understanding of the language system and how to exploit it to its full potential.


English for Aviation Professionals

Our training will help you develop your communication skills, teach you the exact English terminology used by pilots and air traffic controllers, and reinforce your listening and speaking skills.


English for Medical and Pharma

This course is designed to develop the communicative performance of people working in the Pharmaceutical Industry in an international context.


English For Construction Professionals

With this training you will master the English vocabulary of construction, and will be comfortable to express yourself in English.This Corporate language training aims to help you reach a higher level of English fluency in your workplace environment.


English for Sales and Marketing

This course is ideal for professionals involved in sales and marketing who have an international client base, or who are from multinational companies who need to communicate with international colleagues in English.


English for call centers & Customer service

Your frontline staff need to be able to communicate clearly and confidently in order to deliver customer satisfaction. This training will help them improve their overall level and learn the vocabulary and skills that are specific to doing their job effectively.


English for Automotive Industry

As the Automobile Industry is a global business the need to understand and communicate in English is very important for those in the industry. Our training will help you gain a better understanding of the terminology used and have more confidence you when you negotiate.

The advantages

Communicating in the target language

Priority to speaking and communication

Speed ​​and Efficiency

Qualified Trainers and Coaches

Learn the language specific to the job: use terms and topics related to your work environment

Our experience has led us to form several functions, customizing our educational approach to the specific needs of each of these professions.